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Canadian Space Agency
Saint-Hubert, Quebec (Canada)

Organization's Website: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/Opens in New Window


Organization Description:

The Canadian Space Agency CSA is the Canadian government space agency responsible for Canada's space program.

Procurement opportunities (RFPs, Bids, Tenders, etc.) found for Canadian Space Agency

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Title City Posted Down
Canadian Space Agency - 6767 route de l'aeroport, St-Hubert (Quebec) J3Y 8Y9 (9F030-160978/A) Montreal 06.22.2017
Reference number PW-$MTC-460-14387Solicitation number 9F030-160978/ARegion of delivery QuebecNotice type Notice...

Evaluation of the Sun-Earth System Science Business Line of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). (9F020-20170095) Longueuil 06.22.2017
Reference number PW-17-00783749Solicitation number 9F020-20170095Region of opportunity QuebecRegion of delivery...

PROVIDE VARIOUS PLUMBING WORK SERVICES ON AS AND WHEN REQUESTED BASIS at the Canadian Space Agency (9F030-20170074) Saint-Hubert 06.21.2017
Reference number PW-17-00783579Solicitation number 9F030-20170074Region of opportunity CanadaRegion of delivery...

Operational Space Medicine Human Behaviour and Performance Support for the 3rd Canadian Long Duration mission (C3) (9F008-20170121) Longueuil 06.20.2017
Reference number PW-17-00783434Solicitation number 9F008-20170121Region of opportunity QuebecRegion of delivery...

Space Explor Science Maturation Study PHASR (9F050-160981/A) Montreal 06.19.2017
Reference number PW-$MTB-545-14377Solicitation number 9F050-160981/ARegion of delivery QuebecNotice type Notice...

Relative Navigation System Phase 0 (9F050-160961/A) Montreal 06.08.2017
Reference number PW-$MTB-690-14368Solicitation number 9F050-160961/ARegion of delivery QuebecNotice type Notice...

Reference number PW-17-00780131Solicitation number 9F063-20170131Region of opportunity CanadaRegion of delivery...

Space Exploration Robotics (9F050-160946/A) Montreal 05.12.2017
Reference number PW-$MTB-690-14345Solicitation number 9F050-160946/ARegion of delivery QuebecNotice type Notice...

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